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Welcome to Locket Loans. 

We understand the challenges busy parents face in running a household, caring for our loved ones, and balancing the family budget.

This is why we created Locket Loans to help you secure a brighter financial future for your family.

I’d like to invite you to join our Locket Loans family and embark on a streamlined refinancing journey with us.



“We are committed to giving you crystal clear information.”

Craig, Co- Founder

“We are committed to give you crystal clear information.”

Craig, Co- Founder

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We specialise in refinancing – it’s what we do every day.  While other brokers get bogged down in property purchases, investment loans and business loans, we stay focused on refinancing home loans. 

Brooke is an accomplished business manager with ten years’ experience working with well-known Australian company.  Brooke brings her expertise to design a seamless home loan refinancing journey for busy parents.  Booke has utilised her extensive knowledge to create a user-friendly and intuitive experience for homeowners seeking to refinance their home loans.

You can trust that your data is safe and secure with Locket, letting you focus on your refinancing journey without worrying about security risks.  Your data and privacy are our top priorities, and we are committed to upholding the highest standards of data security for every customer.  We only use Australian-based data facilities, the best encryption services and will never sell your data to anyone, ever.

During the term of your new home loan we will make sure you have the lowest interest rate possible.  Into the future we are committed to regular interest rate negotiations with lenders on your behalf.

“Let me take you back to where it all began……

When interest rates started to rise and my low fixed rate ended, I felt the same financial stresses that most did.  My home loan repayments took the biggest chunk of my family’s monthly income and, like many of us, I knew finding some repayment relief could really ease the financial pressure.

Refinancing my home loan to lower interest rates was the solution but, as a working mother,  switching banks seemed like a daunting  task.  Refinancing should be simple but it’s made too complicated by most banks and brokers.

It was this very dilemma that ignited the spark for Locket Loans.  I came tother with my co-founder Craig to create a streamlined refinancing journey.  We both saw the need to simplify refinancing and make it convenient for busy mothers.”

Brooke, Co-Founder

Craig is a seasoned mortgage broker who brings a wealth of experience and a passion for helping homeowners to get a better home loan for their families.  With a successful track record spanning ten years as a trusted mortgage broker, plus ten years of banking experience, Craig has honed his expertise in the intricacies of the home loan industry.  Craig is driven by the belief that refinancing to a lower interest rate is the key to securing a brighter financial future for families. 

Our service is absolutely free. We are paid by the lender and not by you.

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